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Come and join other extraordinary women in learning how to make your Self-Care a priority in 2012!

Make Self-Care Your New Year’s Resolution!


Discover new ways to improve your emotional and physical health one week at a time. This 5-week class will highlight the key elements of good Self-Care and emotional well-being in a fun, informative environment. 


1st class: What Is Self-Care? We will explore the concept of Self-Care, your current Self-Care practices, new related goals, and key obstacles that may be hindering you. 

2nd class: Assess your Stress! This class examines the relationship between good Self-Care and stress management. We will take a brief stress inventory to assess your current stress level and share effective coping strategies. 

3rd class: Boundaries. We will explore the amazing benefits of setting good boundaries. Identifying key obstacles you experience around setting boundaries and exploring effective strategies to overcome them will be discussed. 

4th class: Assertive Communication. Why is assertive communication an integral part of good Self-Care? We will examine the key benefits and challenges of assertive communication and conduct experiential exercises to help put this valuable skill into practice. 

5th class: Individual Action Plan. In this final class, we will review your key learnings and set up individual action plans to keep your Self-Care practices a priority in 2012!



When:  February 28th - March 27th, from 6:30-7:30pm 
Cost: 5 classes for $125.  If pay 2/14, discounted rate of $105
Where: 1078 Main Street, Branford, CT 06405 



All are welcome, seating limited.


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